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In-Person Sale

In addition to a selection of annuals and perennials that are not sold out online, the following is a partial list of plants that will be available at the in-person 2023 Plant Sale

(There are limited quantities of these plants. Come early before they disappear.)

  • African Aster

  • Anemone, Wood

  • Boneset

  • Butter Bur

  • Deutzia

  • Elderberry

  • Fern, Lady

  • Grass, Switch

  • Hosta (unknown color)

  • Hyacinth

  • Kamchatka Fritillary

  • Kerria, Japanese

  • Lobelia (blue)

  • Loosestrife

  • Mint, Apple

  • Spiderwort

  • St. John's Wort

  • Strawberry, Barren

  • Strawberry, Wild

  • Sweet Woodruff

  • Trillium

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