If you enjoy gardening, landscape or floral design, civic beautification, contributing to our community, and trips to horticultural events, join our Club! The Club is active from September through June.  (We take summers off so we can tend to our own gardens.)  Annual dues for an Active Member is $40.00.  Active members are required to make commitments to:


  • Serve on the Hospitality Committee once a year;

  • Serve on at least one other Committee;

  • Participate in the annual Plant Sale fundraiser; and

  • Provide and maintain a flower arrangement at the Goodnow Library, minimally once a year.

New Membership

Download our New Membership form:

"Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind; lettuce be thankful; squash selfishness; turnip to help they neighbor; and always make thyme for love ones."  -  Unknown Author